Use the future of sports ticketing

From local sports to a packed stadium, INTIX's innovative platform supports 20 to 100,000 attendees.


INTIX sprints into athletics event management, delivering smooth ticket sales and igniting the enthusiasm of your fans in bustling stadiums.

Australian Football

INTIX empowers Aussie Rules organizers with seamless ticket sales, ensuring a packed venue for every match.


INTIX steps up to the plate for baseball organizers, simplifying ticket sales and ensuring every pitch counts in sell-out stadiums.


INTIX simplifies basketball event management with a user-friendly platform, boosting ticket sales for courtside excitement.


INTIX's platform streamlines cricket ticket sales, helping organizers fill stadiums and deliver a memorable cricket experience.

Field Hockey

Organizers trust INTIX for hassle-free field hockey ticketing, ensuring a strong turnout and smooth event management.

Horse Racing

INTIX supports horse racing organizers, maximizing ticket sales and creating unforgettable race day experiences.

Ice Hockey

Chill out with INTIX's ice hockey event support. Our platform maximizes ticket sales, creating a frosty atmosphere in bustling arenas.

Martial Arts

INTIX enters the ring for martial arts organizers, making ticket sales a breeze and ensuring electrifying bouts in packed venues.

Motor Sport

With INTIX, motor sport organizers effortlessly sell tickets, guaranteeing packed stands and electrifying racing events.

Rugby League

Rugby league organizers rely on INTIX for efficient ticket sales, ensuring fans never miss a hard-hitting moment.

Rugby Union

INTIX's platform empowers rugby union organizers to boost ticket sales, creating thrilling on-field battles with packed stadiums.


INTIX revolutionizes soccer event management, making ticket sales a breeze and fueling the passion of your fans in packed stadiums.


INTIX dives into swimming event management, ensuring a smooth ticketing process and fueling the excitement of your fans in packed aquatic venues.


INTIX spikes volleyball event management, serving up effortless ticket sales and spurring fan excitement in packed arenas.