INTIX vertically integrated flywheel

INTIX IS Integrated Ticketing

Managing diverse attendee groups—season ticket holders, single-game fans, corporate partners, sponsors, and more—can be a logistical nightmare. Juggling separate access lists and ticket types often leads to confusion and delays.

Our seamless solution integrates all access types, from season tickets and general admission to corporate partnerships and reserved seating, into a single, powerful scanning application. No more juggling multiple lists or leaving attendees scrambling to manage various tickets.

INTIX IS Season Tickets

A platform that connects your season tickets access to matchdays automatically, no double handling of multiple lists, your season ticket holders scan in via the same scanners that single game day admissions do.

INTIX IS Membership

Manage matchday access for members automatically with INTIX. Whether General Admission or a reserved seat, your members can get access automatically to your matchdays, they just scan their physical card or digital pass alongside gameday patrons entry.

INTIX IS Reserved Seating

For sports, every seat tells a story. Die-hard fans crave their lucky spot behind home plate, while families favor close-up views of the action. Enter INTIX, a ticketing platform that understands the magic of reserved seating maps. Their detailed layouts go beyond basic sections, pinpointing each individual chair. This seemingly simple feature grants sports organizations immense power.

INTIX IS Automated

Not only does the customer choose a single game reserved seat, the platform allows automatically allocation across events for members/season ticket holders so they can lock in the best seat for them for the season!


With Tap to Pay on iPhone and INTIX Box Office, you can accept all types of in-person, contactless payments right on your iPhone—from physical debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and other digital wallets—no extra terminals or hardware needed. It's easy, secure, and private.

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INTIX IS Real Time Payments

INTIX's platform allows direct deposits of 100% of ticket funds into your account next business day. No more waiting until after the event for settlement or part settlement up-front. There is also no additional fee to access this option!

INTIX IS Real-Time Marketing

Imagine the ability to send a push notifications to all your supporters in the venue that opens up an app that with a double click of a button via Apple Pay and you've sold a product on the back of the emotion of the moment. For years leagues and clubs have been sending emails at the siren, INTIX takes this to the next level with the purchase process and notification intantaneous to you and your customer.

INTIX IS Leagues

Managing accreditation and reporting for ticketed events can be a tangled web of spreadsheets, manual lists, and security concerns. INTIX cuts through the chaos with a streamlined solution, simplifying accreditation access, enhancing security, and delivering insightful reporting in one integrated platform.

INTIX IS Accreditation

Granting access to accredited individuals at your event can be a complex dance. Juggling multiple access lists, verifying credentials, and ensuring a smooth entry process can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Enter INTIX, your trusted partner in streamlining accreditation access, boosting security, and saving you valuable time and resources.

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INTIX IS Hospitality

Hospitality is the heart of your event, and creating seamless, memorable experiences for your VIPs and sponsors is paramount. INTIX goes beyond ticketing to become your partner in crafting exceptional hospitality journeys.

INTIX IS Clinics & Holiday Camps

Managing registrations for clinics and holiday camps can be a juggling act: tracking sign-ups, collecting payments, and coordinating schedules. INTIX is your secret weapon, simplifying enrollment and transforming your registration process from chaotic to calm.

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INTIX IS Giving You Control Of Your Data

Chart the right course for your organisation and events with valuable insights into event attendance, revenue, demographics and more.

In addition to real-time capabilities, our partners can utilise our analytic tools post-event to manage finances and optimise revenue streams. Detailed financial reports allow you to review key metrics like revenue and expense tracking, ticket sales data and payment processing.

INTIX IS Your Brand, Not Ours

Don't let your ticketing platform overshadow your unique brand identity. With INTIX's white-label solution, you're in complete control. Our powerful technology seamlessly integrates with your existing website, ensuring your audience experiences a ticketing journey that reflects your brand, values, and vision.

INTIX IS Built For Sports

Fueling fan passion, maximizing revenue, and streamlining operations. That's the INTIX difference. Our powerful ticketing platform is uniquely crafted for the fast-paced world of sports, empowering teams, venues, and leagues to deliver exceptional experiences for every fan.

INTIX IS Your Partner

Forget the days of ticket sales being just a transactional hurdle. INTIX is your all-in-one event partner, committed to propelling your success beyond mere ticket sales. Our comprehensive platform equips you with the tools and expertise to engage your audience, streamline operations, and maximize revenue.