Elevate your Events with INTIX

Make ticketing the least of your worries with our easy to use, full-feature online and door sales ticket solutions.

Founded in 2017, INTIX was formed on the shared belief that there could, and should be, a better ticketing platform available to event organisers, clubs and venues.

INTIX Australia aims to make ticketing the least of your worries.

Key Staff

Alex Grant

Founder + Executive Director

Emma Williams

Co-Head of Commercial

Skye Larson

Co-Head of Commercial

Damien Griffiths

General Manager (UK)

Mark Gallego

VP, Partnerships and Operations (US)


INTIX was founded by Alex Grant after working in ticketing, sports and event operations for many years and noticing the disconnect between the two. After working with multiple platforms and systems over many years it became apparent that available options were limited in what operations staff, venues, event owners and sports leagues wanted.

Historically, ticketing companies have held onto ticket money received until after the event and held onto customer data indefinitely, marketing this as an opportunity to those events that their combined database was more valuable than giving the data to the event owner. This previously had its place in the industry however as time evolved, the value of data became more pronounced (as it has in any industry), and calls for access to funds that rightly belong to the event grew louder.

This is where INTIX comes in. We offer immediate access to funds and customer data. As soon as a customer buys a ticket the funds are in the event manager’s bank account. By combining industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and operational awareness we have developed a next-gen platform capable of fulfilling the growing chorus of change.

In 2020, Alex saw a need to drive further innovation and support to ticketing in the sporting events industry. As a result, INTIX has grown from strength to strength in building and providing a ticketing, membership and marketing product second to none in the sports space.

The combined experience of the team at INTIX both in Australia, and across the world, has specialists in all aspects of events including; event operations, marketing, sports management, performing arts, venue management, event technology, and more.

Let us help you elevate your events and take your success to the next level!